Corporal punishment


Corporal punishment is when, through gesture or use of force, your coach or any other adult in your sports environment, causes you physical harm or injury to punish you or correct your behaviours. You should know that the law forbids the people who oversee you in your sport to use corporal punishment. This behaviour is just as unacceptable coming from your coach or any other professional. If it happens to you, you don’t have to accept it! It means you are in a situation of physical abuse and you have to seek help from organizations or people you trust. [A; J; K]

In fact, the ground of defence based on reasonable punishment stated in Article 43 of the Criminal Code will be of no help to the coach or the professional in a sports context in a case of corporal punishment.
 Examples of corporal punishment in a sports environment
    • To punish by hitting the athlete with objects (like pieces of sports equipment)
    • To hit the athlete in the face, in the head or any other body part
    • To compel the athlete to undergo punitive training (additional training leading to exhaustion or sickness), e.g. to force the athlete to do 200 push-ups as a punishment