Intervention procedures

Any person providing services to children or teenagers is responsible for intervening if they witness a situation where violence occurs. Furthermore, every person is obligated to give necessary help to a child or a teenager when he or she wishes to inform competent authorities regarding a situation compromising his or her security and development. To look away is to accept violence. Here is an example of the steps to take when doing an intervention. (Please note that these are methods of intervening, and there might be other ways to act. The methods you use have to be adapted to the situation. Contact the Director of Youth Protection, the police department in your area, Info-Santé and Info-Social 8-1-1 to get advice on the matter).
  • If I witness physical violence

  • If I witness emotional violence

  • In case of rumours or suspicions

  • If a young victim of sexual violence confides in you

  • If you manage staff and are looking for training resources and programs